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Main Features

Speed up checkout even a large database

Magento 2 Web POS enables you to create high-speed transactions. This helps your sales staff easily manage the long customers’ queue at your store. A quicker checkout means you can make more sales in the same time and more time making customers happy

  • Search products by SKUs, name, description
  • Scan barcode to add products to cart
  • strongTime for scanning barcode < 1s (tested on 100,000 SKUs)/strong
  • Create custom sale items (e.g. for new arrivals) in 2 clicks
  • Keep orders on hold for further processing
  • strongOpen multiple-orders to serve lots of customer at the same time/strong

Centrally manage your customer database

Manage a central customer information across all your channels, including online and in-store. Always keep customer data in real-time sync. Allow you to find their contact information, order history at a glance

  • Search an existing customer by name, email, phone
  • Search customers < 1s (tested on 100,000 customers)
  • Use the default customer info for guest checkout (No merchant account needed)
  • Add a new customer directly at POS checkout
  • Edit customer info right on POS screen
  • Let customers subscribe to newsletters

Set-up discounts online and apply them in-store

It’s never been easier to gain control over discounts with Magento rules. Promo codes created from your Magento admin can be applied at checkout in-store with Magento 2 POS in a blink.
If you are looking for a seamless online-offline experience for customers, Magento 2 Web POS is your right choice to close more sales from price-sensitive customers!

  • Create discount codes with Magento shopping cart rules
  • Set-up Magento catalog rules
  • Apply coupon code on the whole cart in-person
  • Add custom discounts on the whole cart
  • Apply custom price per item in cart

Accept secure and flexible payment methods

Either online or in-store payment methods your customers choose,you can easily accept with Magento 2 POS.
Any type of payment – cash, credit or debit card, Magento POS makes it easy for your customer to get paid.
We are working with the leading payment providers from around the world to help you accept payment fast

  • Accept cash &Zomato,Talbat,Other; offline credit card
  • Accept online credit card via Paypal (Credit Card and Email),, Stripe
  • Pay an order with multiple online payment methods
  • Enable Split and Partial Payment
  • Card reader supported

Automatically calculate tax rates

DeirkiPos supports many default sales tax rates which are regularly updated,
so you can set up tax rates easily to DeirkiPos  POS. Basically,our POS system inherits Tax Classes,
Tax Rates and Tax Calculatuion Rules from DeirkiPos,so the tax calculation on POS works as same as your DeirkiPos site. What’s more,
DeirkiPos POS has its own tax display settings which are only applied to POS and not affected to your website.
You completely can configure in DeirkiPos backend to meet your own business needs

  • Display selling price including/ excluding tax
  • Calculate tax rates based on your retail locations
  • Or charge tax rates based on your customers’ address

Make refund process simple and trouble-free

Returns are a dreaded part of every retail story for both eCommerce and physical stores.
We understand this and desire to help retailers make the whole process of product returns seamless.
With Deirki POS, you can give your customer the flexibility to change their minds with simple refund processing and returns.

  • Refund orders from POS screen &amp; allow returning the items to your inventory
  • Issue refund an entire order or issue a partial refund for specific items in an order
  • Refund by Cash, Credit Card or mix of payment methods
  • Send a notification email to the customer

Assign right permission to right POS user

Magento 2 Web POS lets you grant different permissions to sale staffs depending on their roles to take certain actions on POS.
This will save you from potential threats,
keep sensitive information secure and make you manage multiple POS locations easier and better. No muss, no fuss!

  • Create user account and define permissions for each POS user
  • Customize resource access, e.g. view orders, create orders, refund, check external stocks
  • Assign the role to administrators
  • Set highest custom discount percentage applied by each POS user

Manage working shift

Stop leaking your money with session management feature. Deirki POS will record cash in/out from your cash drawer
during working shift of each sales staff. This record will be submitted in X report or Z report. Your money will be in high security

  • Opens a new working shift and fill in the float amount
  • Make adjustments in POS system (Put money in / Take money out)
  • Track all activities of a working shift with X-report (anytime) and Z-report (end-of-day)

Manage inventory across channels in real-time

Deirki POS is native with Magento, so you can manage a central product catalog for both online and offline channels.
Sync your stock level across all your POS locations and channels in real-time to avoid selling out-of-stock products.

  • Manage stock on-hand
  • Manage a single catalog across all your channels
  • Configure to allow selling products when inventory runs out (backorders)
  • Notify for the quantity of products below the threshold
  • Check stock availability of current store

Sell without Internet connection

PWA are capable of working reliably without dependence on the network condition.
Even if you have no Internet connection or low quality connection,
Magestore Deirki Web POS still can work much faster and more reliable.
All operations are kept within the system and synchronized with the online database when the connection is available. No more checkout interruptions!

  • Keep creating orders even when the Internet drops out
  • Refresh page (press F5) when the network is down
  • Data is automatically synced when connection is restored with IndexedDB storage

Connect with hardware devices seamlessly

Connect with hardware devices seamlessly
Deirki Web POS is compatible with the latest, easy-to-use and reliable hardwares.
You can connect industry standard point of sale hardware to our POS system to improve the experience for your staff
and makes checkout smoother for the customer. Work simply and brilliantly makes your life a whole lot easier

  • Barcode reader connected via USB port or Bluetooth
  • Receipt printer (print via Browsers)
  • Credit Card reader connected via USB port
  • Cash Drawer

Deirki POS

And we go beyond outstanding features

24/7 Support

You can always reach out to us via Help Center, email, phone or live chat.


ConnectPOS works with many point of sale hardware devices so you can use the ones you own.


Support various payment methods, from cash to cards. Create custom payment options.

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